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Monet Society: Catalyzing A Digital Renaissance

Monet Society is a club created to educate and incentivize Cardano NFT creators, collectors and platforms.

“When bankers get together they talk about art. When artists get together, they talk about $Monet.”
Oscar Wilde (adapted)

Collect $Monet

Partnering members will be distributing $Monet through various campaigns. If you've ever wanted to own a $Monet, now is your time through:

  • Giveaways from participating NFT platforms
  • Staking rewards from stake pool partners
  • NFT minting giveaways from innovative creators
"All I ask is the chance to prove that $Monet can’t make me happy."
Spike Milligan (adapted)

Use $Monet

$Monet Collectors will be able to use $Monet with partnering platforms for the following benefits:

  • Whitelisting to Monet-supported NFT mints and auctions
  • Access to premium services including discounting, add-on features, free giveaways, etc
  • Buy NFTs that use $Monet as the payment currency

Why Claude Monet?

Monet was one of the revolutionary founders of Impressionism. Even though widely ridiculed by critics, his painting Impression, Sunrise triggered the enormously influential art movement. Impressionism disrupted the world of painting by breaking with conventions of the past, transforming our understanding and appreciation of art and artists.

Who We Are?

The Monet Society aims to embody the bold spirit of Claude Monet by supporting creators and collectors who break with convention. The society was founded in 2022 when a tribe of entrepreneurs, artists and philanthropists came together and asked, “how can we invigorate and support creative ecosystems in a fun, scalable and sustainable way?”  

Why $Monet Tokens?

Deploying digital tokens as incentives stimulates communities and drives network effects. The Monet Society distributes $Monet tokens as rewards to creators and facilitators throughout creative ecosystems. $Monet holders can use their tokens with Society Member service providers for exclusive benefits.

While only a few art collectors can own a Monet painting, anyone can join the Monet Society - simply claim your $Monet today through staking and giveaways. 

Our Goals

Support NFT Creators

Bolster talented creators sales on Cardano by rewarding their collectors with $Monet.

Reward $Monet Collectors

Distribute $Monet to collectors which then can be used to unlock special access to NFT mints and premium features on NFT platforms.

Partner with NFT Platforms

Partner with innovative NFT platforms that provide value to collectors and creators while also making Cardano the most unique NFT blockchain.

Master CNFTs

Comprehensive creator guides that share all the tips and tools you need to mint, list, market and sell your NFT collection on Cardano here!

Cardano Wallets

You can't do much without a digital wallet on Cardano. Check out all the options here.

NFT Categories

Use this handy breakdown to understand the most popular CNFT categories.

But isn't it just a jpg?

Watch our video series to learn why exactly NFT's are so much more than just jpg's.

Our Partners

The Art Bank

The Art Bank uses 100% of it staking operating rewards to invest in unique and engaging NFT art.

Stake Pool


Cardania utilizes numerous talented artists to produce digital art in the form of lands, stamps, cards and more!

Stake Pool


NOVA Pool, runs an educational YouTube channel where topics about the Cardano network are explained in a simple way!

    Stake Pool

    Cardano Hotel

    The go-to source for information on Cardano.

    Stake Pool

    The Art Bank

    The Art Bank invests in artists and art on Cardano.

    Art Promotion

    The fArt Bank

    The fArt Bank supports degen collectors by recycling their hapless CNFTs for $Monet.

    NFT Recycling


    An NFT management platform to be released in Q4 2022.

    NFT Display


    10 billion $Monet tokens will be distributed to participants like creators, collectors and stakers over eight years.