Our Story

The Monet Society Story

In late 2021, a small group of entrepreneurs, artists and philanthropists came together and asked: “What can we do to invigorate and support creative ecosystems?” “How do we make it fun, scalable and sustainable?” Through research, discussion and collaboration a tribe was formed. In early 2022, a movement was born.

The Spirit of Monet

The Monet Society aims to embody the bold spirit of Claude Monet by supporting creators and collectors who are not bound by convention. By investing in broadening awareness and growing participation in the emerging global economy of digital art, we intend to pursue our mission in a fun, scalable and sustainable way. We have heard that fortune favours the brave. This has never been truer than now, with the accelerating growth of digital ecosystems and in particular, the burgeoning opportunities around NFT technologies.

Catalyzing A Digital Art Renaissance

This space is so new that we are in a virtual Age of Exploration, on the edges of the unknown…venturing forth demands a leap of faith.

The Monet Society is daring to take that leap, with a wholehearted embrace of distributed ledger technology and the transformative power of digital assets. Our present objective is to catalyze a digital renaissance and a vibrant ecosystem by supporting NFT creators, collectors and businesses alike.

Monet, Monet, Monet

The Monet Society is not just a small group of supporters from your hometown. We are a global community seeking out and rewarding determination, originality, and vision. At no time in human history has a creator been able to tap into a global community as vast and varied as it is now. To reward creators, grow the community and pursue our mission, we have developed the Monet Token. Monet is distributed to creators and ecosystem stakeholders by Monet Society and our Members. Monet holders can redeem their tokens for exclusive benefits with Monet Society Member businesses, stakepools and related organizations.