How The Monet Society Works

The Web3 ecosystem is brimming with creative energy. With over 100 million NFTs and a burgeoning NFT art movement, the Monet Society is determined to further stimulate the space, help onboard and promote creators that are serious about creating by incentivizing their collectors with Monet tokens. The Monet Society distributes Monet to creative industry initiatives, including projects and platforms developing and facilitating digital art, NFTs, and Web3 technologies such as wallets, marketplaces, creator tools, and platforms for viewing and experiencing.

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"I hate math...But i love counting Monet."

Collect Monet

Partnering members will be distributing the Monet Token through various campaigns. If you've ever wanted to own a Monet, now is your time through:
  • Giveaways from participating Web3 platforms
  • Staking rewards from stake pool partners

Use Monet

Monet collectors will be able to use the Monet Token with partnering platforms for the following benefits:
  • Whitelisting to Monet-supported mints and auctions
  • Access to premium services including discounting, add-on features, free giveaways, etc
  • Redeem Monet for good and services offered by other Monet Society Members

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"My mind on my Monet, my $Monet on my mind."

How to join the Ecosystem

The Monet Society provides multiple ways for new projects to join.


The Monet Grant Program is designed to support and bring attention to creative projects by providing a token of appreciation in the form of Monet. Monet Society will make regular announcements via its website and social media channels about project updates.
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The Monet Society invites development teams to work together to generate high-value, actionable business ideas and minimum viable products that can help to further stimulate the creative economy. The Society provides Monet tokens to reward all hackathon participants.
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Monet token bounties will be made available to secure development services for projects that align with our Society's objectives and complement our creative ecosystem. Interested parties will be vetted through an application process to find the most suitable candidate for the task.
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"You must gain control over your Monet or the lack of it will control you forever."