Top 3 CNFT Calendars To Build Buzz for Your CNFT Collection

CNFT Calendars or NFT drop sites as they are otherwise known, represent a viable avenue for artists who want to generate hype around their upcoming Cardano NFT collection. 

The more hype there is about your NFT collection and project, the higher the value your NFT investors will place on them. 

This article explores:

  • What NFT drops are
  • What CNFT calendars are
  • How these calendars benefit artists
  • Top 3 CNFT calendars to help you build some buzz

Let’s get to it!

What is an NFT Drop?

An NFT drop typically refers to the exact day and time at which artists or brands plan to distribute their NFT collection to collectors and investors. Ultimately, the purpose of NFT drops is to promote enthusiasm for one’s NFT project and to foster a community around it. 

By advertising the NFT drop date in advance, artists are able to generate interest prior to the collection being launched or minted. This also helps potential investors keep an eye out for upcoming NFT drops to be the first to attempt to acquire them.

Exploring CNFT Calendars

CNFT calendars are websites that operate as calendars and display all current and forthcoming Cardano NFT-related events. 

Their primary objective is to make collectors' lives simpler by compiling all forthcoming CNFT drops in one location, prior to the projects being listed on CNFT marketplaces for buyers to purchase. 

This removes the need for CNFT investors and collectors to spend hours scouring the internet for the latest CNFT drops. These services provide information about impending CNFT drops for NFT fans who want to learn more about a specific project. 

CNFT calendars generally feature a sample of a collection's artwork and a description, the launch date, and other information about the NFT drop schedule of various projects.

The best part about CNFT calendars is that they can help boost your collection's exposure and help you sell it quickly.

If you're considering listing your CNFT collection on a CNFT drop site to build hype and get your collection the attention it deserves., these are the top 3 calendars you should check out.

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CNFT Radar

CNFT Radar

Emerging as a top CNFT calendar, CNFT Radar enables artists to exhibit their CNFT launches to acquire more awareness. Overall, CNFT Radar offers an aesthetically pleasing drop site with NFT minting services to boot, and users gain access to CNFT and Cardano token list calendars that have several filtering options.

In addition, future initiatives include a large amount of vital information to DYOR (do your own research) on the website, along with capabilities for peer review and voting. 

For those that are new to this realm, the platform offers a CNFT guide for newcomers

Listing your NFT project on CNFT Radar is straightforward: just fill out this form and include project details such as your collection’s title, description, project image, NFT drop date, supply, and starting price to name a few.

The platform also offers artists the option to book a featured spot or banner ads to advertise their collection, with pricing available on request.

CNFT Jungle

CNFT Jungle

CNFT Jungle is another popular choice among CNFT investors and artists, with over 6,000 – 7,000 daily visits to its site. This is a drop site containing real-time statistics and an NFT sniping tool for collectors. 

The calendar offers keen insights into the CNFTs' marketplace, sales volume, and floor change indices. Most importantly, upcoming initiatives contain a massive amount of relevant data to conduct your own research from the website, with built-in filtering to search CNFT characteristics of projects and more. 

However, there are a few drawbacks since CNFT Jungle does not offer a strict calendar view. There is a lot going on, so it is a little tough to navigate and may deter first-time users.

That being said, it is still a great platform that you should consider listing your CNFT collection on, and you can do so by adding it to the platform here!

CNFT Calendar

CNFT Calendar

CNFT Calendar is a custom-made drop site that portrays real-time and automated data for Cardano NFTs aficionados, with over +1,400 daily visits. 

Unlike the previous options we discussed, CNFT Calendar does offer a calendar view. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the integration of the calendar drop with NFT Maker, a popular minting service provider on Cardano.

For artists and collectors that want to learn more about forthcoming drops, it is possible to sign up to their mailing list to keep an eye out on the competition and be the first to know about exciting drops. 

Digital creators that want to showcase their NFT collection on CNFT Calendar can add their collection here.                                                   

Drop Calendars Can Help You Build Hype

Without a doubt, CNFT calendars represent the key to generating buzz around your CNFT collection, enhancing its value, and the potential profits you can make. 

Having your collection snapped up quickly is the best NFT launch result. Collections that can sell out quickly make news headlines, catch the attention of NFT fans, and can help the collection gain even more value on the secondary market.

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