How To Claim Token Rewards With DripDropz on Cardano

If you’re currently staking your ADA with any pool on the Cardano blockchain you’re eligible to claim free tokens from up-and-coming token projects with DripDropz every epoch. 

In this article, we’ll explore DripDropz, a token airdrop vending machine that you can use to get free tokens every 5 days and walk you through how to claim your rewards step by step.

What is DripDropz?

DripDropz is a one-stop platform where you will be able to withdraw tokens from up to 10 projects at a time from any token projects that have partnered with the platform to distribute their tokens.

Rewards are dropped for users that stake with any number of pools on Cardano per epoch or as instant rewards for specific staking addresses like rewarding past delegators and early adopters. All of this makes things easier for token projects to distribute and delegators to claim.

How To Claim Token Rewards on DripDropz

Head on over to and get started by registering an account and verifying your email address with the platform. 

Register an account on DripDropz

Once you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll be able to claim your dropz from the 'Drip It' tab. You’ll be able to see information on when the latest epoch is ending and a tab where you can enter your wallet address or Cardano handle.

Enter that in and click on 'Check My Dropz.'

Check your drops on DripDropz

Depending on what pools you’re currently staking with and the amount of ADA in your wallet, you’ll see what tokens and amounts you’re eligible to claim. You can easily filter between different token categories and do your own research on specific projects by clicking on the blue info button next to the project name

Do your research on DripDropz

This will take you to a project info screen where you can take a look at the high-level specifics of the project to educate yourself on whether or not it might be worth claiming rewards from them.

DripDropz project info screen

With certain projects, you’ll also see pricing information and all of the eligible stake pools that the project drips tokens to its delegators.

Project pricing information on DripDropz

After you’ve identified a couple of projects you’re interested in, head to 'Drip It' to start checking the box or clicking on select token. From here you can also love or bin a specific project based on your research and will make things easier when you come back every 5 days to claim tokens.

Select token drops with DripDropz

Once you’ve selected the tokens you want to claim, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the selector to agree to the t’s and c’s and click on 'View cost.'

DripDropz Costs

DripDropz Costs

There are 3 costs to consider when claiming rewards:

  1. Cardano transaction fee: The network fees needed to initiate the transaction
  2. Phyrhose processing fee: Phyrhose is a partner of DripDropz that handles looking at payments that have arrived for DripDropz, bundling of transactions together and more.
  3. Drip Dropz service fee: Withdrawal fees that help sustain Dripdropz’ operations

The fees you end up paying will always be dynamic because the Ada needed for minimum unspent transaction outputs or ​​the minimum amount of Ada that must be sent in a single transaction varies depending on the token name length. An amount will be sent back to you to cover this. 

Click on 'Claim My Drops' when you’re ready to claim your selected tokens.

Claim your tokens with DripDropz

On the next screen you will have to copy the address and send the exact payment specified to it using your Cardano wallet of choice. If you have set up a wallet with Eternl, simply click on the icon to process the payment using the Eternl chrome extension.

* Be sure to send the exact payment specified as any other amount will be considered an error and will only be refunded in 72 hours.

Claim With DripDropz Today

That covers just about everything you will need to start receiving tokens every epoch on DripDropz. Be sure to visit DripDropz every 5 days to get the most rewards and grow your token bag.

Check out our token taps specs overview to learn more about other token distribution service providers so you can find the best one for you.