How To Promote Your NFT Collection on CNFT Jungle (For FREE)

Looking to build some marketing awareness for your upcoming NFT collection on a budget?

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to promote your NFT collection on CNFT Jungle for free and share some additional resources to get you started creating NFTs on Cardano.

What is CNFT Jungle?

CNFT Jungle is one of (if not the) most data-rich NFT drop calendar sites on Cardano today with 6-7 thousand unique daily visitors and interested buyers to its platform, making it the perfect place to consider promoting your collection.

Before we go ahead and list your project, make sure you’ve got all your project-specific information on hand such as:

1. An image that will represent your greater collection

2. A short project description

3. Policy ID 

4. Your social links

5. Mint date and time

How To List Your NFT

With that, let’s head on over to

You’ll see that you can feature your project on the homepage as gems for 60 ADA/day and in a featured ad gallery for 150 ADA/day by clicking on 'Advertise with Jungle,' but we’re going to navigate to Calendar in the top menu to list for absolutely free.

Advertise with CNFT Jungle

On the calendar page, click on 'Add Collection' under Submit your collection.

List your collection on CNFT Jungle

Here we’re going to submit all of the details we prepared for this purpose. Keeping your collection specifics in a Google doc or in a notepad on your computer keeps things easy.

Get started by uploading your collection’s image from your local storage. Next, you can copy/paste your collection name and description into the relevant fields. For descriptions, it’s important to add details such as the total supply, what utility your project has if any, how the art is created and anything else that makes it special. 

* Remember you are trying to create a listing that will capture the attention of collectors.

List your collection on CNFT Jungle

If you don’t have a policy ID for your collection yet, you can generate one by creating a project using jpg.storecheck out our NFTs Explained guide for a walk-through on this.

After that, you should add your social links and website to your listing. Having social profiles is another great way to market your work for free and engage your own community of interested buyers.

If you have your own website you may even be able to market and sell your NFTs from it as a primary marketplace before listing it on a secondary marketplace like

Last, but not least, you need to add your mint date and time according to your local timezone. Once you’ve checked that your listing is ready to rock, click on 'Submit for review.'

Search your listing on CNFT Jungle

It usually takes a day or two for a listing to be reviewed, but once its up you should be able to search your collection name and see your listing.

You can always update your listing on CNFT Jungle by contacting them using their social links at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Update your listing on CNFT Jungle

As you begin to mint your collection and sell your NFTs, new data will be pulled into the platform including info on sales, floor price and other relevant analytics that are important to collectors so keep working on your collection and providing value to set yourself up for success!

List on CNFT Jungle Today

That covers everything you need to list on CNFT Jungle today!

Truth is there are plenty of other great CNFT drop calendar sites you can explore to generate a buzz around your upcoming collection and listing on them is pretty much the same process. 

Be sure to check out our CNFT drop calendar specs overview for a head-to-head comparison of all the sites you should consider listing on.