How To View NFTs On Cardano

Welcome to our guide on how to view NFTs on Cardano.

Whether you just started collecting NFTs on Cardano, or have so much NFT art that you rival the Louvre, we created a quick guide on how to view CNFTs and explore some of the platforms you can be using to enhance your viewing experience here.

Let’s get started!

CNFT Viewing Platforms: How To View NFTs on Cardano

Viewing platforms for Cardano NFTs are a brilliant way to showcase your art. You can choose how you want to view and engage with your art, from seeing the current state of the Cardano blockchain in real-time, to walking around your own art gallery created in the metaverse.

A number of service providers offer customized viewing options, including interactive galleries with 3D viewing and even physical displays of your NFT.

There are several ways you can view your Cardano NFT investment: 2D, 3D, blockchain, and physical viewing.

A few great benefits for collectors offered by these CNFT viewing platforms

  • You can showcase your collection or portfolio in any way you like with a customizable, interactive NFT viewing experience.
  • You can invest safely by verifying policy ID data for certain collections.
  • You can even turn your digital art into physical art, thereby adding some utility to your NFT collection 

2D Cardano NFT Viewer:

Imagine a website linked to your wallets that shows all your favorite NFTs. On this digital website or photo album if you will, you can design your own background, arrange your NFT just the way you like it, and customize it further with countless design elements and plug-ins. 

If this sounds like the platform for you, then you’ll love This NFT viewer allows you to do all of this and more. 

Quite simply, here you can view and create personalized NFT collections based on your NFT selections. gives NFT collectors the freedom to represent themselves, and their collections, exactly how they want, without giving away the entire contents of their wallets! Plus, you can connect and communicate with other pages and their owners, and build your community of fellow digital art-lovers.

A quick overview of why Pixl.Page is a good 2D Cardano NFT viewer:

  • You can choose and preview a single NFT, or entire collections, and then generate a that only shows those assets.
  • You can create your Web3 identity and connect with other collectors and creators by sharing your on your social media.

How To View Your NFTs on

By clicking on the 'Connect' button, you will be able to create a profile to adjust your profile information and have an easy place for you to view your pixl.pages.

Once you've done that, you need to pull your wallet's NFTs into To do that, simply enter your wallet address or ADAHandle in the big ‘search’ tab in the middle of the page. 

How To View Your NFTs on

Once your collections are shown, you can sort them, use the search bar, and view them in different modes. gives you two viewing options: 

  • Collector mode

Here you can see asset names, metadata (M), code, and expand it through the use of the info & share functionality that appears when you hover over an asset. 

How to view NFTs on

To add an asset or collection, simply click on the collection/asset name in your wallet to display the select button (+). To view the assets and collections you have selected, you can click 'Preview Selection,' or - if you are satisfied - 'Create Page.'

  • Gallery mode

Here you can create an art gallery in seconds that focuses primarily on visual art for visitors to enjoy. Add single NFTs to your gallery, or entire collections by clicking on the plus icon. To rearrange your NFTs, use the ‘Preview Selection’ button. A side panel will appear, in which you can click and drag the pieces into the order you prefer.  When you are ready, simply click ‘Create Page’ and you'll get your own galleries link. Visitors will only see the items you choose to display - the rest of your wallet is private.

create a

You can also share an individual NFT by clicking ‘share’ and then copying the URL. While the single NFT or collection will be accessible to those you share it with, the rest of your wallet will remain hidden/private.

3D Cardano NFT Viewer: VBlocks — the art metaverse on Cardano — brings art to digital life, and allows you to interact and engage with it on a 3D sensory level. 

Why NFT collectors use VBlocks to view NFTs on Cardano:

  • You can showcase your collection within fully immersive and interactive 3D galleries.
  • You can connect your wallet and create your own gallery with ease.
  • You can design the space just like the art gallery or museum of your dreams.
  • You can share your gallery with others.

How To View NFTs In 3D On VBlocks.Art

Navigate to, and either connect your wallet right away, or peruse popular galleries and collections. Once your wallet is connected, you can click on Create to create your own gallery.

Create a gallery with vblocks

Here you can select a showroom, add a gallery name, title and description as well as a preview image. When you're ready, click on 'Create.'

Access to some of the showrooms require you to mint NFTs from Vblocks in order to use them, which you can easily do by clicking the 'Mint' button.

When you scroll down the home page, you can search collections by name or by policy ID, and also explore community galleries as well.

Emerging Artists I

For instance, if you click on the Emerging Artists I collection, you’ll land on a page that gives you two options - Enter 3D Gallery, and Show Collection. When you click Enter 3D Gallery, you are immediately transported inside the NFT collector’s gallery. 

Emerging Artists I gallery

In this instance, you can enter your avatars name, customize how you look and explore the NFT art displayed on the walls of a gallery on a moon station. You can move your avatar around using directional keys and turn your view with your mouse as you would in a game, and experience the art just as if you were inside the building viewing physical art. 

If you enter ‘F’, you can learn more about the NFT you are viewing and view it on (another great site to view NFTs) as well as live on the blockchain using Cardanoscan - see below.

View NFTs on Vblocks

You can also click Show Collection for you to get an idea of the entire collection at a glance.

Show collection on Vblocks

If you click on an individual NFT, you will see the same details as when you view it in the 3D gallery.

Blockchain Cardano NFT Viewer: Cardanoscan

Cardanoscan is one of the more feature-rich Cardano blockchain explorer and analytics platforms available. This is ideal for collectors who want to view their NFTs directly on the blockchain.

This NFT viewer gives you front-row seats on what exactly is happening on the Cardano blockchain. 

How To View NFTs On The Cardano Blockchain Using Cardanoscan

It is pretty simple actually. Use the search bar at the top of the page to look for a specific transaction, address, block, epoch.slot, pool, stakeKey, policy ID asset name, and Bob’s your aunty.

You get all of the data pertaining to your NFTs right off the old blockchain.

How to view NFTs on Cardano

So, for example, if we copy and paste the policy ID of 'New Home #002' that we showed you above in the search bar, you can see the full policy details:

  • Asset Name
  • Fingerprint
  • Created Date
  • Total Supply
  • Total Transactions
  • Asset Holders (when you click View)
  • Total Tokens

While this viewing platform is not as entertaining or engaging as its 2D and 3D cousins, it is a great way to verify ownership of NFT collections, thus ensuring safer investments going forward.

Final Thoughts For Displaying And Viewing NFTs On Cardano

As a collector, the best thing about collecting art - aside from the thrill of making a great purchase - is showcasing it.  Now, thanks to these various and unique CNFT viewing platforms, you can display and share your NFTs on Cardano with whomever you want to.

Whether you choose 2D, 3D, or blockchain viewing platforms, we are sure your audiences will enjoy your prized NFT digital art just as much as you do!