NFT Display: 4 Ways To Display Your NFT Art

Traditional art collectors don’t have the same art display issues that NFT collectors have with NFT display. When displaying art they can choose to put it on an easel, in a gallery, on their wall, or above a fireplace. 

The nature of NFTs, however, present a greater challenge for collectors and creators.

So, how can NFT collectors and creators go about displaying NFT art?

In this article, we explore 4 ways to help you display NFT art and share the platforms you should be using on Cardano.

How To Display NFT Art?

1. You Can Physically Print Your NFT


Yep, you can actually bring your digital asset into the real world. Printed NFTs are an affordable option for showcasing your digital assets. 

You can even add a free QR code for verification, or for someone to purchase. It’s pretty straightforward: enter the URL that is associated with your NFT or the marketplace listing and then the website will generate a QR code that you can add to the bottom of your printed image.

If you aren’t sure about the type of paper, print size, or finish you should choose for your NFTs, brands like Fine Art America allow you to print your NFTs as framed prints, on canvas, t-shirts, puzzles, and more.  

You can also try NFTouchable as a great way to get and display a physical print of your digital asset. You can get your NFTs displayed on canvases, mouse pads, phone cases, pillow cases, and - you guessed it - a framed poster!

NFT printing services usually include hassle-free delivery that takes care of everything, including canvas size, frame quality, print durability, and texture.

Now your only worry is where to hang it! 

How to view CNFTs on Cardano? Check these platforms out!

2. You Can Showcase NFTs Using Digital Galleries And Frames

This was a challenge for collectors in the early days of NFTs. Thankfully, when it comes to NFT display and sharing your digital art today, there are some great online platforms to choose from. For instance, you can exhibit an individual NFT, or a gallery of collections, in your own customized gallery.

One such NFT gallery platform is - a super-fun way to invite audiences to enjoy your art, your way. 

By connecting your wallet to the viewing platform, you can choose if you display the NFTs in collector mode, where you have access to metadata and other information, or in gallery mode, where the focus is solely on enjoying the art. 

You can also personalize your gallery by changing the background, arranging your selection in the order you prefer, and sharing the gallery with others by simply copying the URL link.

Another creative way to display your Cardano NFT collection is by using digital frames. 

Nano Frames

These digital frames offset your art piece to the best possible advantage. Nano Frames gives you full control over the entire experience. Aside from offering high-resolution, matte finish frames for picture, video, and audio NFTs, you can also switch between portrait and landscape orientation on the wall of your digital gallery. 

Plus, you can get super immersive with speakers and bluetooth to make the experience that much more engaging. Simply connect your wallet, download the NANO Smartphone App, choose which NFTs you want to display, the layout, the display duration, and sit back and enjoy!

You can even use multi-functional technology like the Samsung QLED HDR Smart TV which has “Art Mode” to display your NFTs - or any artworks for that matter - that is, when you aren’t busy streaming your favorite show.

3. Display Your NFT Collection Online

Much of the success of NFTs must go to Cardano marketplaces like, JPG Store, and Tokhun. The NFT industry generates most of its revenue from these marketplaces, which are visited by millions of buyers every day. Consequently, they are an excellent choice for displaying digital art.

But, there are other digital platforms as well. Apart from online marketplaces, you can also try CNFT display websites like, which shows what is happening on the Cardano blockchain in real time.

If you have a strong social media following on Twitter and Discord, sharing on these platforms will bring audiences to your collections. 

You could even consider launching your own NFT art website using a simple content management system like Wordpress where you have your own portfolio and even an NFT art blog. 

There are many Wordpress themes that you can use to showcase your NFT collection. You just need to register a domain name (URL website address), get a hosting package, install Wordpress, install the theme you like best, and start building with a simple drag and drop web builder like Elementor

If you choose to display your NFTs this way, you are free from any marketplace fees and restrictions, plus you don't have to follow any preset terms and conditions. But you will have to create a separate marketing strategy along with building awareness using NFT drop calendars

4. Experience Your NFT Art In The Metaverse

Multidimensional assets such as NFTs extend beyond online marketplaces and digital frames. Art galleries and galleries in the metaverse are also perfect locations to display NFTs. 

NFTs in the metaverse

For instance, you can create your own 3D NFT art gallery in the metaverse with VBlocks. In addition to displaying, promoting, and selling your NFT collection, you can organize art shows, auctions, and other events. 

This is ideal for creating and housing immersive NFT art exhibitions and attracting your own audience.

Final Thoughts

By leveraging any of these NFT display methods, you can bring yourself and your audience that much closer to your digital art collection and work. 

Aside from the enjoyment of viewing your NFT collections, or sharing with potential buyers in the most favorable format, you can help to increase a broader acceptance of blockchain technologies among the masses.