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About Us

FAQ About The Monet Society

What is the Monet Society?

We are a community that encourages Web3 creators, collectors and platforms to use participating blockchains through the distribution of the Monet Token. Originally started on Cardano, we will soon offer cross-chain services and resources as well.

What are the requirements for joining the Monet Society.

Anyone can join. By simply holding Monet you are automatically a member of the Monet Society.

What membership benefits do I get from joining the society?

The actual membership benefits are dependent on each of the Monet Society Members.

How can I use my Monet?

The Monet Society is composed of a network of participating Monet Society members that will include online NFT services, marketplaces, galleries and restaurants. Moreover, we hope to expand the list of members over time. These members decide what benefits you can enjoy with your Monet.

What unit denominations does Monet use?

Our token is called Monet.

1/1,000,000 of a Monet is a Lily.

10,000 Monet equals a haystack.

100,000 Monet equals haystacks.

How do you decide on the distribution of Monet to our members?

At the Monet Society we’re rather sick of being judged by others, so in the meantime we’ve decided to become a critic in our own right. If we judge that you have the right offering and branding, we’ll send you free Monet. Once we fully distribute the tokens, we will step down from our duties and no longer judge anyone.

How do Monet Society Members display their member affiliation?

Members display Monet Society Member badges on their website. Badges can be seen here.

Can I buy NFTs with Monet?

This is up to the Monet Society member to decide.

Where can I trade Monet?

Check out the many DEXes where Monet can be traded here.

What’s the symbol used for Monet?

Will Monet ever be burned?

If the Monet Society treasury indeed has any leftover Monet tokens, we will only burn them if the owner of a real Monet painting decides to do the same. Our tokens will be burnt out of respect for the passing of the painting. Additionally, $Monet holders are welcome to send their tokens to a burn wallet if they so please.

What is the Cardano policy ID for Monet?


Why is the token called Monet?

Claude Monet revolutionized art in the mid-1800’s. Due to the difficulty in acquiring oil paint at that time, most artists painted in art studios because they had to mix their own paint with colored powder and oil. This changed in 1841 when John Rand invented oil paint tubes giving artists increased flexibility.

Monet, under the mentorship of Eugene Boudin, discovered the beauty of painting outside rather than in stuffy studios. Moreover, while most painters preferred to portray an important battle or historical event, Monet was more interested in painting ordinary things like boats, rocks, haystacks and waterlilies.

At an exhibition in 1874, he submitted a painting entitled Impression, Sunrise which received scathing reviews from a particular critic. In chastising the work, the critic coined the term Impressionism which was meant to be ironic, denoting that the painting was incomplete. Over time, the critical bite of the term was lost and it was instead used to represent the hugely influential art movement, Impressionism, that dominated the second half of the 19th Century.  

When we look at art in our current day, we can see that digital art, in particular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are similarly revolutionary and largely dismissed by the so-called art traditionalists. At the Monet Society, we fully endorse and admire the NFT movement because NFTs give creators the technological means to showcase and secure their work. We hope to embody the revolutionary spirit of Claude Monet and that the Monet Token will help to spread the revolution ultimately legitimizing NFTs and the crucial role they play.