Get $Monet by recycling your unwanted NFTs, click here!

Collect $Monet

Society Members regularly hold $Monet campaigns for $Monet Collectors. Be sure to regularly check in to see the latest giveaways.



The fArt Banker's Recycling Program

Send The fArt Bank all the trashy NFTs that are contaminating your otherwise sophisticated collection and clogging up valuable wallet space.

In exchange for your fArt NFTs, we will reward you with $Monet. Yes! Get paid for your degen sins. Starting August 1st, 2022.


$Monet (equivalent to 1.5-3.0)

up to 25 NFTs per wallet

Recycle fArt NFTs here


Cardania SUMN Stakers, Rake In $Monet

Cardania’s recent partnership with The Monet Society is another positive step forward in cultivating a creative NFT ecosystem that benefits digital art collectors and budding NFT artists alike.

Incentivizing creators and collectors through the creation and distribution of $Monet will stimulate our collective community.


SUMN stakers earn 25 $Monet per ₳1,000 staked

rewards paid out every epoch

Stake and earn $Monet


Space Pugs Milking $Monet

Monet's news partner, Space Pugs Alpha is a collection of 7,777 uniquely generated NFT’s on the Cardano blockchain.

Roughly 1,000,000 $Monet is being allocated on a monthly basis for Alpha stakers in the Pug ecosystem. This is just another way that $Monet is layering in the utility.


1,000,000 $Monet monthly giveaways for Club 777 members

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Hodling $Monet

Even if you aren’t a creator, collector or staker you can still (hay) stack $Monet on a number of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

If you want to learn more about how to purchase crypto or $Monet please refer to our educational resources page. Be sure to check out our page on how best to use $Monet here.

*From time to time we will have hodler-specific programs and initiatives. Check back here so you don't miss out.

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