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CNFT Video Guides

But isn't it just a jpg?

Let's explain why NFTs are more than just jpgs!

Episode 1 - Don't copy my NFT!

Copies don't lower the price of the original art. The same goes for NFTs. It's the original that counts.

Episode 2 - How do you even know it's real?

In this video we discuss how NFTs could provide the solution for authenticating artworks.

Episode 3 - My 4 year old could paint that!

How do you know if a conventional masterpiece was painted by the actual artist, a toddler, or a chimpanzee? And how do you verify NFTs as the original? One is easier to figure out than the other, have a look and decide for yourself.

CNFT User Guides

This handy video series will help you master CNFTs quickly.

Top 3 CNFT Drop Calendars On Cardano

An objective review and comparison of the top 3 CNFT Drop Calendars On Cardano to help creators choose the best drop calendar site for their NFT projects on Cardano.

How To List Your Collection on CNFT Jungle (For Free)

Looking to build awareness around your Cardano NFT collection? This video shows you how to list your collection on CNFT Jungle for FREE.

3 Benefits of Recycling and How to Earn Some $Monet

Why banish Cardano NFTs that failed to meet your investing expectations to a burn address and pay for it when you can take part in NFT recycling and earn some $Monet and additional tokens today?

The Best Decentralized Exchanges on Cardano

The best decentralized exchanges on Cardano allow users to swap ADA for Cardano native tokens, earn passive income by staking tokens and provide liquidity to facilitate trades and collect transaction fees.

How To Claim Token Rewards With DripDropz on Cardano

If you’re currently staking your ADA with any pool on the Cardano blockchain, you’re eligible to claim free tokens from up-and-coming token projects with DripDropz every epoch.

Where To Mint Cardano NFTs? Check Out 4 Minting Sites

Not sure where to mint Cardano NFTs? Compare minting costs, built-in marketplaces, and more of the 4 top Cardano minting sites here. There are some great options.