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Cardano User Guides

Creative Stake Pools


Stake pools are an integral part of helping Cardano’s network verify transactions, create new blocks and maintain the overall health of its blockchain.

Users delegate or stake their combined ADA to pools — and by extension, pool operators — in exchange for rewards that are shared amongst the operator and the stakers.

Outside of helping to sustain the Cardano network, many stake pools have complimentary initiatives to further promote their stake pool and Cardano by aligning their business with charitable organizations, educational platforms and even NFT artists.

Key Takeaways For Creators and Collectors

Investing in stake pools will benefit creators and collectors by being able to:

  • Earn more ADA whilst contributing to the health of Cardano’s network
  • Invest in pools that are aligned around a creative cause that they can get behind to help further support creatives in the space
  • Get even more rewards like NFTs, access to services and special voting rights by owning a stake pool’s native token

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