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CNFT User Guides


Evolution of Wallets Series

1) The Cash Cow
Any store of value that can just wander off, die or be eaten is a little impractical. Basically, you can't have your cow and eat it too.

2) The Rai Stone
After the cash cow usurped the barter system, things went arai. A currency was needed that wasn't tasty or prone to desertion. Mostly inedible and weighing 5 tons, the rai stone was a perfect solution.

3) The Schiff Treasure Chest
As explorers opened up the world to travel, it became popular to ship wealth and bury it on remote islands. Because the rai stone had a tendency to sink ships, the treasure chest replaced it.

4) The Costanza Wallet
The Costanza is a popular money storage solution. It's also useful for the safe keeping of other essential items like library cards and old receipts. For best results, 36W jeans are recommended.

5) The Ledger Wallet
The Ledger is a clear indication that less is indeed more. Lugging around a cow, giant stone, treasure chest or fat wallet isn't very practical. When talking wallets, size doesn't matter.