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CNFT Recycling

We've all FOMO-ed into minting those cute kitties with no roadmap. We jumped head first into that project with 'Clay-vibes' before vetting the team. And yes, we've all sucker bought a punk derivative because we just didn't know any better.

We've all been there. This is the way...of the degen NFT collector.

We don't regret the experience and the lessons learned. Hell, we don't really even mind flushing all that ADA because our degen mindset meant we also bought bluechip NFTs along the way. A few Clays, a DeadPxlz or two and some Goats more than fill the void.

The truly tragic thing, the thing we hate most, is being forced to look at these trashy NFTs while they slowly clog up our wallet.
We can't even offload them for 5ADA! That's the lowest listing price on

What if I told you there was another way? A place where you can purge your wallet and get paid for it. A place free of regret and judgement. A place where you can purify your degen mindset.

The fArt Bank is that place.

The fArt Bank