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Cardano User Guides

Token Taps


Token taps are service providers that help fungible token projects that build on Cardano and NFT projects that have a native token built into their ecosystem distribute free tokens to eligible users for a nominal fee.

Key Takeaways For Creators

Creators can make use of token taps to:

  • Periodically distribute their tokens to investors increasing circulation and the promotion thereof
  • Set specific conditions that need to be met for a token drop to control who is eligible to participate
  • Keep collectors in the loop on giveaways, whitelisting opportunities, potential scams to watch out for, and more
  • Incentivize token or NFT holders to further support their project with free drops

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Key Takeaways For Collectors

Collectors can make use of token taps to:

  • Earn free tokens by connecting your wallet address and choosing tokens that you’re eligible to receive
  • Invest in up-and-coming tokens for a small fee in ADA to diversify your portfolio and benefit from potential gains
  • Use tokens to actively participate in projects with utility in the metaverse and crypto gaming platforms for even more rewards
  • Stake your free tokens with certain projects to qualify for special NFT drops

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